Headshot of XR Artist Lara Kobeissi
Grants/ Residencies // Commissions

AFAC [2022-Ongoing] Performing Arts Grant
Resonate Residency [2023] ArtHouse Jersey-CCIXR
Studio ANRK [2023] There Exists 
Virtual Residency [2023] B3 Media
Arts Council England [2022-2023] DYCP
StoryFutures [2021-2022] StoryTrails
Arts Canteen [2022] AWAN Festival
TalentLab XR [2021] B3 Media 

+NAZVR [Building a Future Archive]

A Multi-Sensory Live Performance incorporating VR

that weaves a distant future in which users access the excavated home of a virtual dweller-in-the-hill in search of personalised Evil Eye treatments. Drawing on game mechanics and interactive storytelling, Nazar fully immerses audiences through visuals, sound, smell, taste and touch – temporarily transforming the performance stage in a ritualistic act of soft resistance that seeks to restore the body, collective memory and intangible heritage.

XR |Projects

Projects List
  • Nazar [Building a Future Archive] 2023-2024 | AFAC – ACE – B3 Media
  • There Exists – Studio ANRK 2023 | BFI
  • StoryTrails – StoryFutures 2021-2022 | BFI
  • Resonate – ArtHouse Jersey 2023 | ACE
  • Sacred Spaces – Wanda Hu 2023 | ACE – B3 Media